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Property Management Certification/Diploma

Property Management course will help you understand the responsibilities, functions, and skills involved in property management. This course will teach you how to distinguish between off-site and on-site property managers and their duties, positions, training, and expertise. At the end of this course you will have increased your property management expertise, as well as developed some practical application guidelines that you can apply immediately to your business. Significantly supplement your income when you decide to add residential property manager to your real estate profession.

Certification Issued By:

LMGO logo Leadership & Management Global Organization (LMGO - Switzerland) The Leadership and Management Global Organization (LMGO ®) is a global provider of leadership development and management research and certifications. Ranked among the world’s top providers of executive accreditation and standardization, LMGO helps clients leverage leadership and management to drive results that matter.

Membership By:

HACAM logo High Authority Council for Arab Managers (HACAM) HACAM believes that this certificate will be a valuable resource for professionals within the Arab world in order to understand how these and other processes for organizational improvement are interrelated. HACAM provides training program in the Middle East and targets Managers of quality-focused organizations/industries, professionals aiming to increase their effectiveness/ productivity and anyone interested in the field of quality.

Who should attend?

This course is especially designed for those who wish to manage a real estate agency or work in the industry in the areas of sales or property management.

Learning outcome:

  • Identify the six P's in property management
  • Describe and gather problem solving skills for tenant dispute resolution, overseeing the factors of risk management, and gaining abilities to deal with people who lack expertise with which you interact
  • Identify fair housing requirements for rental property management
  • Familiarize yourself with the rental practices within the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
  • Identify Internet sources for professionals, associations and organizations
  • Name different types of ownership for income-producing property
  • Distinguish between off-site and on-site property managers and their duties, positions, training and expertise
  • Define the trust fund accounting regulations
  • Describe various rates of return owners use to determine cash flow
  • Differentiate the advantages and disadvantages of various property types
  • Understand legal contract elements and leasehold estates
  • Learn how to begin and terminate a rental contract
  • Describe the basic eviction process


You are qualified to take this certification if you have any of the below requirements:

  • secondary
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree

Course Parts:

    The six P's in Property Management:
    • the Problem
      • Inexperienced agents
      • Lack of owner expertise
      • Illegal tenancy
      • No property history
      the Profession
      • Fair Housing Laws
      • Equal opportunity
      • Civil rights
      • Anti-discrimination
      • Protected groups associated with a disability
      • Duties to clients, customers, public, and REALTORS®
      the People/Players
      • Licensed sales agent
      • Investors and property owners
      • Professional property management firms
      • Property management personnel
      • Maintenance personnel
      • Tenants
      the Profit
      • Replacement cost methods
      • Depreciation
      • Trust fund accounting
      • Security deposit
      • Income analysis
      • Investment analysis
      • Future rates of return and economic rates
      the Property
      • Lifecycle of the Property
      • Physical premises analysis
      • Residential home inspector versus licensed contractor
      • Disclosures during escrow, warranties, and guarantees
      • Habitability and maintenance types
      • Single family units
      • Non-residential
      • Maintenance reports
      the Paperwork
      • Insurance
      • Insurance policy exclusions and indemnification
      • Lender requirements
      • Legal elements of a contract
      • Interpretation of contracts
      • Entering into and terminating a contract for an income property unit
      • Eviction
      • Process for non-voluntary termination
      • Section 8
      • Rent control
      • Basic property management forms

How to Register?

  • Register Online or
  • Fill-up the registration form and visit the Institute, with the following requirements then pay the necessary fees.
    • passport copy
    • 1 copy of passport size photo
    • eligible certificate copy

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