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Purchases Professional Management

This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out purchases management. You will develop the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.

Certification Issued By:

CIAA logo Chartered Institute for Accountants & Auditor (CIAA - USA) CIAA USA is an accreditation body that is recognized internationally with areas of practice, including accounting, auditing, finance, and consulting.

Course Parts:

  • Foundations of planning and rating of procurement methods and how to purchase and negotiations.
  • Development of procurement and stores of modern management techniques and strategies.
  • The role of the human element in the management of procurement, stores and how his training and rehabilitation and development commensurate with the developments of evolution.
  • purchases to other circles complementary relationship management, and drawing the attention of senior management as one of the activity centers
  • How to fight against corruption and its impact on the management of procurement.
  • Quality of creativity and excellence in the management of procurement and bidding.
  • Legal provisions for the procurement methods and bank credits and domestic and foreign tenders.
  • the problems faced by the management of procurement and stores.
  • Shipping and items purchased and the damage caused and compensation insurers and procedures sea and land international arbitration on the transfer procedures.

How to Register?

  • Register Online or
  • Fill-up the registration form and visit the Institute, with the following requirements then pay the necessary fees.
    • passport copy
    • 1 copy of passport size photo
    • eligible certificate copy

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