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CLT Certified Legal Trainer

First in the Middle East, Arab Arbitration Society (AAS) under the Higher Authority Council for Arab Jurists (HACAJ) proudly introduces a certification for Legal Trainers.

The Arab Society for arbitration pioneer in legal education for lawyers Advanced Arabs, and in research, and work in the field of public policy. Employees of the rehabilitation program (Coach Certified) they can follow-up studies, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary or focus their studies in the area of certain objective, such as workers and labour law, and the settlement of commercial disputes different kinds, and international law, and the criminal justice system, and the Constitutional and Administrative Law, or the legal system in the states Middle East in general.

Certification Issued By:

AAS logo Arab Arbitration Society (AAS) International arbitration sector in all aspects, is an integral part of the law and the business sector in the world ,the Arab Arbitration Society it’s the bridge of communications.

Membership Benefits:

  • Arab Arbitration Society
  • High Authority Council for Arab Jurists (HACAJ)

Target Audience:

  • Lawyers, legal advisers, judges, prosecutors, police officers, senior stakeholders, professors, law faculties in universities, accredited arbitrators.

Course Parts:

  • The first paper
    • Constitutional and Administrative Law
    • Theory of law and sovereignty.
  • The second paper
    • The criminal justice system
    • Dispute settlement procedures and
  • The third paper
    • Family relations
    • Human rights and consumer
  • The fourth paper
    • Workers and labor law
    • Public Service Act and the Human Resources
  • Fifth paper
    • Arabic language and the body language and the ways
    • Research and writing and setup.

How to Register?

  • Register Online or
  • Fill-up the registration form and visit the Institute, with the following requirements then pay the necessary fees.
    • passport copy
    • 1 copy of passport size photo
    • eligible certificate copy

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