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AIAL Facts & Figures

AIAL Facts and Figures are updated each year to provide current information and statistics about the institute. This page will provide you interesting facts about the Institute.

More and more experts, youths and adults had the chance to learn with AIAL and the number of adults in particular, continues to grow over time. Up to date, more than 5,000 students have graduated under the expertized and guidance of the AIAL Director, around the world.

As of more than 200 000 student, over half of them are particularly girls, never gets an opportunity to view the insides and classrooms that AIAL institute offers. Though, a lot more are still needs to be done, AIAL never refrain from seeking opportunities to upgrade its services to meet the expectations of its students and respective clients.

    AIAL Facts & Figures:

  • President age is 52 years.
  • More than 30 years experience.
  • The Institute has the capacity of almost 4000 unit area.
  • AIAL supported all the countries of the Middle East.
  • AIAL Institute is certified by more than 20 international bodies and offers more than 300 Certification.
  • Offers accredited courses locally and internationally
  • Institute have 2 staff with PHD degree
  • 2 staff with Masters degree
  • We got 2 staff with ACCA UK membership
  • 3 staff with AAA UAE - Arab Accountants Auditors membership
  • One staff with membership from American Accounting Association (AAA USA)
  • One staff with membership from Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
  • 21 administrative staff in AIAL, (Management, Marketing, HR, Accounting, etc…)
  • 22 resident professional instructors (21 are Full-time)
  • 5 exceptional and proficient Americans and British instructors.
  • 8 East Asian instructors
  • 9 Middle Eastern instructors
  • 16 faculty members holding professional certifications
  • 56 well-known trainers and speakers from affiliated organizations to provide trainings
  • AIAL has conducted 63 756 hours of training
  • 12 756 hours of corporate trainings held outside the institute’s facility
  • 50994 hours of corporate trainings held within the institute’s facility
  • 12832 hours of trainings for expatriates
  • 438 courses certified by the local and international authority and certification bodies
  • 16 academic & professional disciplines
  • 21 highest quality professional training halls
  • 230 advertisement pages in a local newspaper per year
  • 6 efficient private buses as one of AIAL Services

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